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How to use Drive Japan

Japan is quite a large country.
Rental car is ideal way to travel but planning driving route is not easy.
Especially when you are visiting the area for the first time.
Don’t worry, “Drive Japan” can help them all!

Three Function of “Drive Japan”

1. Route Recommendation

We can provide you the best driving route with recommended spots to drop by.

Each driving route is planned carefully by well-experienced Japanese planners considering many points such as:
・Efficient access to your accommodation and recommended spots
・Driver-friendly route and adequate driving distance per day
・Seasonal features

2. Completely free of charge!

Since "Drive Japan" earns the commission from the hotel booking website "agoda" and rental car company as revenue,you can use it free of charge!
Only thing you have to do is to book your accommodations and rental car from provided booking links.
You can save your money to enjoy your trip more!

3. Your Driving Map “DJ MAP”

We can provide you the best driving route with recommended spots to drop by.

There are many Japan travel information website, and it may be easier to plan where to visit. However,
the most difficult and time-consuming part is planning how to connect the dots, route planning.
“DJ MAP” is special driving map customized for your own travel itinerary.
You can get daily map with recommended sightseeing spots and restaurants along your own route.
Moreover, “DJ MAP” show you the location with very convenient “MAPCODE” for each spot.
MAPCODE is numbers which you can input to GPS in the car instead of address.
You don't have to input complicated Japanese address and it navigates you to much more accurate place than using spot's phone number.
We can recommend you some secret view spots with no address nor phone number.

Check "DJ MAP" detail

5 steps to make your drive travel plan

Input your travel period and area where you would like to travel.

Choose your itinerary from recommended driving routes.

Sign up to Drive Japan for free to save your driving route and see DJ MA.

First, please book rental car. Drive Japan offers you a booking link to the most convenient car rental company's branch from you arriving station or airport.

Next, book your hotels along the driving route of your choice, following the link to booking website "agoda".

Once you book rental car and all the accommodations, you can view DJ MAP customized for your travel plan.