What is "MAPCODE"?

What is "MAPCODE"?

MAPCODE is numbers that are predetermined according to latitude and longitude.
It's a 6-12 digits number and you can input it to car navigation system(GPS) instead of address.

Three good points of MAPCODE

1Easy to input

Japanese address and spots names are complicated and it is irritating to input it to car navigation system. MAPCODE are just numbers and easier to input.

It is difficult to input Japanese address to car navigation system.

MAPCODE is much easier to input!

2Guide to minor spot

You can use address, spot names and phone number to input to car navigation system. However,
MAPCODE can pinpoint any place in Japan even the place doesn't have own address nore phone number.

It is a criff in Okinawa which doesn't have own address and phone number.

3The most accurate

MAPCODE can identify a specific cell of 9 square meters(3m x 3m) at the most detailed level and are more accurate than address or spot name.
If you input spot name or address to car navigation system, sometimes it guides you to the center of the spot.
You need to spend additional time to search car park near the spot.
MAPCODE from Drive Japan will guide you to the entrance of car park near the spots.

Many MAPCODE are NOT user friendly

Unfortunately, although websites which operated by big company and tourism organization sometimes provide unfriendly mapcode for drivers.
And as a fellow Japanese, we feel sorry for confusing foreign tourists.

Case. 1

e.g. Itsukushima Shrine(Miyajima island)
A driving map certain highway company distributing on their website.

103 473 110*37

103 531 115*61

It is one of the most famous and popular Japanese Shrine. The MAPCODE points on the shrine itself.
However the shrine locates on Miyajima island which cannot be accessed by car.
Drive Japan provide MAPCODE for the car park of ferry terminal to Miyajima island.

Case. 2

e.g.Kamikochi Highland
A driving route recommended by certain tourism organization

It is a famous highland which is located in Central Japan area. The wrong MAPCODE points somewhere in the middle of the highland.
However, this place is under national park and only authorized car can enter, which means that you cannot drive to that point.
Drive Japan provide MAPCODE for the car park to take official shuttle bus to the highland.

405 871 110

405 574 226

MAPCODE from Drive Japan are user friendly

We Drive Japan doesn't just search place names and check MAPCODE.

①Check car park near the spot with satellite pictures and Japanese local website.
②Check entrance of the car park with Google Street view.
③If the MAPCODE seems not reliable yet, we drive and visit with the MAPCODE by ourselves.

We Drive Japan really try to put the most reliable and useful MAPCODE to make your Japan travel the best memory.

MAPCODE is registered trademark of DENSO corporation.