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This day travels from Miyazaki city to the southern part of Miyazaki prefecture. Driving distance is about 160km but there are many highlights along the route. You can enjoy walking at a very unique shaped island called ""Aoshima Island"". The ""Udo Jingu Shrine"" is a traditional shrine which was built in a cave, in the middle of very steep cliff. It is a must-see spot. The driving route until the Udo Jingu Shrine is along the coastal road and it feels great to drive there. You can meet wild horses at Cape Toi at the southern end of the coast, but please consider the long driving distance. If you like nature, we advise going to the ""Sekinoo Falls"". You can look up at the dynamic water fall from the bridge near the waterfall basin. If you have more time, 3 days and 2 nights route 4505 is also recommended.


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Aoshima Island

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Udo Jingu Shrine

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Sekinoo Falls

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Nippon Rent a Car(Miyazaki Airport)

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Miyazaki Airport

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Sakamoto Rice Terrace

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Day. 1Miyazaki to Kirishima
This day will travel southern part of Miyazaki prefecture and recommended route depends on your choice. ①Traveler choosing a day trip from Miyazaki (Route4502) The driving distance is a bout 160km and there are many sightseeing spots. It is recommended to depart as early as possible and better to fix the spots you will visit beforehand. First, let's drive to the "Aoshima Island(青島)". The first destination is the "Aoshima Island(青島 鬼の洗濯板)", an island with a unique terrain called ‘demon's washboard’. Then, 20km away from Aoshima, there is very unique shrine called "Udo Jingu(鵜戸神宮)", which was built in a cave at the coast. It is an amazing place to visit, but if you plan on going there it is better to depart early. It is recommended to have lunch at the seaside restaurant or roadside station. If you would like to visit "Obi Castle Ruin(飫肥城址)" or "Cape Toi(都井岬)", you can continue to head to south. However, you need to come back to same road and please control the schedule. If you would like to visit "Sekinoo Falls(関之尾滝)", it is better to go back to Miyazaki city and take highway. It is extremely difficult to visit both Cape Toi and Sekinoo Falls by day trip. It is bette to chose either one. ②Traveler who will stay Kirhisima(Route 4506) The mileage is about 140km. The first destination is "Aoshima Island(青島 鬼の洗濯板)" an island with unique terrain called demon's washboard. 20km away from Aoshima, there are very unique shrine "Udo Jingu(鵜戸神宮)" which was build in the cave at the coast. It is worth to see but if you will visit there, it is better to depart early. After coming back to Miyazaki, let's take highway to Miyakonojo(都城) city whose production of the meat is the highest in all ove Janan. Of cause beaf BBQ restaurant is recommended but our daily driving map will guide you other nice Itarian restaurant and cheap and good Udon noodle restauant too. After lunch, why don't you enjoy 30 min walking at "Sekinoo Falls(関之尾の滝甌穴郡)" with unique terrein river? Then, you can face to Kirishima(霧島)area. "Kirishima Shrine(霧島神宮)"which founded more than 1000 years ago is must-see. There are many other sightseeing spots like farm, highland, park which Onsen steam blowing us from the ground and so on. At night, plase take a rest with Onsen in Kirishima. In addition, there are amazing cherry blossom places spring. If you will travel in sprong, our daily driving map will guide you these spots. It is really worth to see and please priority there.
Rent a car at Miyazaki
Rent and return a car at Miyazaki Each driving route in Miyazaki prefecture starts and ends at Miyazaki city. Then, we recommend you to rent a car from either rental car branch stated bellow. ①Miyazaki Airport Branch : For customers who take flight. ②Miyazaki Station Branch : For customers who stay in Miyazaki city. Please refuel before returning your car. For travelers taking a flight from the airport. It is highly recommended to reach rental car shop 3 hours before your departure. You can search for an accommodation in Miyazaki city from the link bellow. https://www.agoda.com/partners/partnersearch.aspx?pcs=1&cid=1813587&hl=en&city=13561

Check Other - Kyushu Route

Route numberStart cityGoal cityWayTravel PaceDistanceRankHighway feeDetail
4501MiyazakiTakachiho townday_tripbusy130 km¥ 1,500check
Sorry, we provide our service for Kyushu and Okinawa only. Other areas are under development.