Nagatoro Cherry blossom street
長瀞 北桜通り

MAPCODE for car park : 150 673 234*47

Nagatoro Cherry blossom street is a famous place for cherry blossoms that have been selected as one of the "100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan". It enjoys tourists all year round due to the abundance of stunning natural scenery and spring is no exception when thousands flock to see the famous cherry blossoms in full bloom. There are a little over 3000 cherry trees in Nagatoro. In April, all the cherry trees in Nagatoro come into bloom at once. The tunnel of cherry blossom trees on Nagatoro Kita Sakura Dori Avenue is particularly renowned. Nagatoro Kita Sakura Dori Avenue is a row of cherry blossom trees that runs from Takasago Bridge near Nogami Station on the Chichibu Line to Nagatoro Station and can be said to be a representative of the row of cherry blossom trees in Nagatoro. There are cherry trees on both sides of the road, and you can see the cherry blossom tunnel. On Nagatoro Kita Sakura Dori Avenue, you can drive or walk under the cherry trees.

There is no parking lot in the vicinity, so please enjoy the cherry blossom tunnel from inside the car while passing through the road.
Please do not park on the street as it will be a nuisance.

You can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms at End Mar-Mid Apr.

About 30 minutes by car or 15km from Chichibu Station.

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