Asami Reizo(Hodosandou)
阿左美冷蔵 寶登山道店

MAPCODE for car park : 150 613 792*14

Asami Reizo is famous for its fluffy shaved ice made from natural ice in Nagatoro. Asami Reizo is a manufacturer of natural ice been in business for more than 130 years. The feature of Asami Reizo’s shaved-ice is that it is natural ice served with a syrup made of natural ingredients. Depending on the season, pure ice, which is not made in natural ponds but produced at factories etc., may be used instead of natural ice. It's so popular that it's not uncommon to wait two or three hours before entering the store due to the congestion in midsummer. The store has a simple and calm atmosphere.

Please note that summer periods, especially weekends, can be long lines.

If you order shaved ice as a group, the total amount will be announced on the spot. When the items ordered by the entire group arrive, you will need to pay for them before eating.

If it is very crowded, "Gallery Cafe Yamashita" also serve their shaved ice.

Natural ice will run out and after that it will become pure ice.

The parking lot is behind the store, but please note that there is a large paid parking lot next to it. Also, in midsummer, the free parking lot of the store cannot be used, and it is necessary to use the paid parking lot.

Opening hours: 10: 00-17: 00
Closed: Tues

About 25 minutes by car or 13km from Chichibu Station.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
45 minutes
Parking fee
Free parking available.
Admission fee
Monthly Recommend Rate

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