Fukiware Waterfall

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Fukiware Waterfall is a waterfall with a height of 7 meters and a width of 30 meters and is also called the Niagara Falls in the Orient because of its appearance of falling and scattering. The name "Fukiware Falls" came from the fact that the clear stream of the Katashina River eroded the soft part of the rock and created many cracks, making it look as if a huge rock had blown. These unique beautiful rocks are called Byobu-iwa (folding screen rock) and Shishi-iwa (lion rock). Experience this dynamic waterfall surrounded by beautiful scenery. On a hot summer day, the fine mist from the waterfall cools you down. Promenades are also maintained in the surrounding area and there are many attractions that are colored by the unique beauty of the valley such as the spectacular scenery of "Masutobi-no-taki Falls(鱒飛の滝)", the rock walls called "Shishiiwa (lion-shaped rock)", the historic "Ukishima Kannondo(浮島観音堂)" , and the views from "Ukishima Bridge(浮島橋)" and "Kanbakudai(観瀑台)".

During the fresh green season from late April to May in early spring, the amount of water increases due to the melted snow, and it is the most powerful season of the year.
Access to the waterfall is prohibited during the winter months from early Dec to early April.

The best time to see the autumn leaves is End Oct-Beg Nov.

Sneakers and non-slip shoes are recommended as there are places where the footing is poor. Please note that the water flow is fast and dangerous, especially when the snow melts.

When visiting Fukiware-no-Taki Falls, please plan to leave the inn at 9 o'clock at the latest, as the daily mileage will increase by nearly 40 kilometers on a round trip.

We recommend one of the following two parking lots. Please refer to the photo for details.
1) Takinoeki Fukiware (MC: 540 115 493 * 61)
2) Kyaraen (MC: 540 115 701 * 10)
* There are many souvenir shops nearby, but please be aware that some shops may force you to shop.

About 1 hour by car or 60km to Yuzawa City.

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