Mt.Asama magma stone park(Onioshidashi Volcanic Park)

MAPCODE for car park : 737 064 896

Mt.Asama magma stone park(Onioshidashi Volcanic Park) is a park where you can tour the strange scenery formed as a result of a large amount of lava that flowed out during the eruption of Mt. Asama in 1783 and changed its shape over the years. The Japanese name Onioshidashi was given from the impression that people at that time experienced the eruption of "a demon rampaged at the crater and pushed out rocks." It is a very rare facility in Japan where you can witness the wonder and grandeur of natural energy. There is a promenade in the park, and there are also Mt. Asama Kannon-do, Belfry, and observatories. Besides presenting the opportunity to take a closer look at the volcanic rocks of various curious shapes, Mt.Asama magma stone park also offers nice views looking over nearby towns and of Mount Asama on clear days. Located at the center of the park stand a temple dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy Kannon. Visitors can also experience volcanic activity through a video presentation on large screens and by riding on a simulator. The Asama Volcano Museum explains the geography of volcanoes and houses exhibits on plant and animal life that thrives in the volcanic environment around Mount Asama. Get a close-up view of the earth's insides, and learn more about the geography of volcanoes, plants, and animals in volcanic areas at the volcano museum nearby.

To reach Mt.Asama magma stone park, take the Onioshi Highway (620 yen one way) on the toll road.

Opening hours: 8: 00-17: 00 (last admission 16:30)
Open all year round.
* Business hours may change or business may be suspended depending on the season.

About 25 minutes by car or 18km from/to Karuizawa Town.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
1 hour 0 minutes
Parking fee
Free parking available.
Admission fee
Adults (junior high school students and above) 650 yen Children (elementary school students) 450 yen
Monthly Recommend Rate

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