Kusatsu Onsen Town (Yubatake Tourist Parking)

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Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts and is blessed with large volumes of high-quality hot spring water said to cure every illness but lovesickness. It has the highest amount of natural spring water in Japan (more than 32,300 liters per minute) and good efficacy and is one of the three famous springs in Japan. Due to its naturally flowing strong acidic water, there are many anecdotes that tell the story of one of Japan's prominent spas. Here is a look at its quality. As evidenced by the common expression "Kusatsu yoi toko, ichido wa o-ide" (Come to Kusatsu once in your life, since it's such a wonderful place.), there are reasons why it is revered as a famous spa. Yudaki and Clouds of steam, which are the sources of spring from "Yubatake" in the center of the town, are the representative scenery of Kusatsu. Around the Yubatake, there are tiled promenades, stone fences, benches in the shape of Mt. Shirane, and the illuminated night view is fantastic. Near Yubatake, there is "Netsu no Yu", which is famous for Kusatsu's famous Yumomi show, which uses a long plate to rub hot water to lower the temperature while singing the song Kusatsubushi. "Sainokawara Park" is also popular. It is a park with a large open-air bath of about 500 square meters for both men and women, dotted with hot spring ponds where lava stones roll and spring up. In addition, there are various attractions such as the "Kataoka Tsurutaro Museum" and "Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland". There are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, etc. around Yubatake, and you can enjoy just walking around and enjoy the atmosphere of the old Japanese hot spring town. Yubatake Tourist Parking is a convenient parking lot near Yubatake (the center of town) and is the most recommended parking lot if you do not stay in Kusatsu. Kusatsu Onsen is rightfully proud of both the quality and quantity of its waters.

If Yubatake Tourist Parking is full, we recommend parking at "Sainokawara Park".

From Yubatake Tourist Parking
About 5 minutes on foot to "Yubatake"
About 5 minutes on foot to "Netsu no Yu"
About 15 minutes on foot to "Sainokawara Park"

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
0 minutes
Parking fee
600 yen for the first 2 hours, 100 yen every 30 minutes thereafter.
Admission fee

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