Yubatake (Hot Water Field)

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Kusatsu is the hot spring that boasts the largest amount of hot springs in Japan, and Yubatake is the largest source of hot spring in Kusatsu. The Yubatake of Kusatsu Onsen has a long history, and it is said that the collection of Yunohana (mineral encrustations left by hot springs) began around 1790, the middle of the Edo period. It was designed by Japan's leading oil painter, Taro Okamoto. The promenade is decorated with Taro Okamoto's designs, such as a unique pattern using tiles and the character for “grass", which is the "kusa" in Kusatsu. Pay attention to the ground beneath your feet as you walk. The abundant hot spring flows at 4,600L per minute, and the scenery is full of hot water and steam. The source of the hot spring is poured onto the surface of the earth or a wooden gutter, and the sulfur precipitated in the gutter is collected as (Yunohana) several times a year. It is called (Yubatake) because it is a place to collect (Yunohana). Yubatake is the largest of the many sightseeing spots in Kusatsu Onsen, and the atmosphere changes between day and night, so it is crowded with tourists day and night. Around the Yubatake, there are communal baths, footbaths, restaurants, and souvenir shops, and it is bustling as a symbol of Kusatsu Onsen. At night, blue, purple, and white lights illuminate the gutters, lighting up the steam wafting up from them. The whole area is enveloped in a fantastic atmosphere, combined with the orange lights installed along the stone fence. Be sure to take a walk around the Yubatake area at night.

In the Yubatake, there are Yudaki, footbaths, Yuto for cooling the water, etc., and since it is about several hundred meters per lap, you can easily make one lap.

About 200m from "Yubatake Tourist Parking".

"Sainokawara Park" which is located 450m away from here is also recommended to walk around.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
15 minutes
Parking fee
There is no parking lot around Yubatake, so please use the following parking lots. Kusatsu Town (Yubatake Tourist Parking) (Hyperlink) Parking lot of Sainokawara Park (hyperlink)
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