Shiga Kusatsu Route(Route292)Snow Corridor
志賀草津道路(国道292) 雪の回廊

MAPCODE for car park : 341 559 512*38

At "Shiga Kusatsu Route(Route292)", you can enjoy the Snow Corridor, which has snow walls on both sides of the road in the spring, and the autumn leaves of the mountains that turn red in the fall. If you like driving, be sure to visit the Shiga Kusatsu Kogen Route to see the changing scenery that you can enjoy each season. It is open from May to mid/late-November and the Shiga Kusatsu Kogen Route is a scenic alpine driving route that winds through the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. In particular, the sight of the pure white Snow Corridor, which you can't usually see, is a masterpiece. Since this road is closed in winter, many cars fill the Shiga Kusatsu Road every year on the opening day in late April. The height of the snow wall varies from year to year, but in 2017 it was about 7.5 meters, for example. Many people park their cars and walk beneath the snow circuit, touch the snow, and enjoy taking pictures.

The best time to see the Snow Corridor on the Shiga Kusatsu Kogen Route is from late April to late May. However, please note that the period changes depending on the year.

Route 292, which passes through here, will be closed in winter (End Oct-End April). Also, depending on the condition of volcanic gas, it may be closed even in summer. In that case, please give up sightseeing here and enter the MAPCODE of the next destination in a safe place.

If Route 292 is closed, please take the detour route Manza Highway (Manza Highway entrance MC: 341 200 754 * 57).

About 1 hour 25 minutes by car or 60km from Nagano City.

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