Kurohime Highland Cosmos Garden

MAPCODE for car park : 54 844 713

Kurohime Highland Cosmos Garden is a pioneer of Japanese cosmos gardens, and about 50 varieties and 1 million flowers are planted, which is one of the best varieties and number of flowers in Japan. There are many varieties, such as the unusual chocolate color and scented cosmos. Using the ski slopes at the foot of Mt. Kurohime, the seedlings are planted one by one by hand without directly planting seeds like in a normal cosmos garden. The land is 900m above sea level and the climate is suitable for the cosmos, so the flower color is bright and the flowering period is long. You are free to pick cosmos for the last few days of the season. There is also a cosmos maze. 150,000 moss pink cherry blossoms bloom profusely in the Kurohime Highlands from mid-May to the beginning of June. There is an observatory and specialty retail stores selling local Highland vegetable market. Also, from around August, 20,000 large-flowered dahlias of 50 types will bloom. You can enjoy it with Cosmos as "Dahlia Garden". You can also take a walk in the air over the Cosmos Garden on a paid panoramic lift.

Cosmos is in full bloom at Mid Aug-End Sep, depending on the variety.
Dahlia can be enjoyed for a long time from Aug to Oct.

Opening period: July-mid-Oct

About 40 minutes by car or 28km from Nagano City.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
45 minutes
Parking fee
Free parking available.
Admission fee
Adult: 600 yen Elementary school students: 400 yen
Monthly Recommend Rate

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