Togakushi Shrine Okusha(Main Shrine) Avenue of cedar trees

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Togakushi Shrine Okusha (Main Shrine) is famous for its beautiful cedar trees over 400 years old. The 300 cedar trees line up for 500m from the Zuishinmon Gate. A truly mysterious world spreads along with the approach. The main spot is near the Zuishinmon Gate with a thatched roof near the middle point of the approach leading from Otorii to the inner shrine, and when you pass through the Zuishinmon Gate, you will find a row of cedar trees as the main attraction. The felling of trees in the precincts has been strictly prohibited for 400 years, so it has been protected from development and destruction. The shrines are related to an important story in Japanese mythology in which the Sun Goddess hid in a cave in present-day "Takachiho" on Kyushu after her brother had misbehaved, thereby bringing darkness to the world. In order to get the sunlight back, the other deities tried to lure the Sun Goddess out of the cave by performing spectacular dance performances in front of it. As the Sun Goddess took a peek out, one of the deities grabbed the cave's stone door and threw it away to prevent her from hiding again. According to one theory, this shrine was founded in 210 BC and is a very historical shrine. In particular, Okusha is very popular as a Spiritual Power Spot.

The MAPCODE for this spots looks strange due to it's 12digits. But it is the correct MAPCODE.

The shrine is large and the way of walking is summarized in the town map, so please refer to it.

It is a 4 km round trip from the parking lot to Okusha at the back. The round trip from the parking lot to the Zuishinmon Gate at the entrance to the cedar trees is 2 km. You can return from the side of Zuishinmon Gate to the parking lot through a wooden path. We recommend that you go a little further than the Zuishinmon Gate to see the beautiful cedar trees before returning to the parking lot.

The snow-covered cedar trees are also a fantastic and beautiful landscape. However, please note that your feet will be slippery if snow accumulates.

In winter (early Jan to mid-April), it will be closed due to the danger of avalanches.

"Ninja Trick Mansion" is about 300m from the parking lot.

About 40 minutes by car or 25km from/to Nagano City.
About 2 hours and 35 minutes by car or 185km from/to Niigata City.

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