Obuse Town

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Obuse Town is a town located in the northeast of Nagano prefecture. It is the smallest municipality in Nagano prefecture. Town development that makes use of historical heritage such as Katsushika Hokusai has been made, and it is now highly recognized as one of the leading tourist destinations in the North area of Nagano Prefecture. Katsushika Hokusai is the most famous ukiyo-e painter, and his painting of Mt. Fuji and waves is going to be used for the New 1,000 Yen bill. This town is famous for Katsushika Hokusai and large delicious chestnuts. Obuse's cooler weather in summer makes the area an ideal place to escape the heat and the climate also favors the growth of chestnut trees - chestnuts are a local delicacy made into sweets and the wood from old chestnut trees has been used to create the town's pretty sidewalks.

Obuse Town has a number of paid parking lots due to a large number of tourists in a small area. It is recommended that you park your car and walk around the "Hokusai Museum", "Kurinoki Terrace", "Kurabu", and more. Obuse has many beautiful paths, and it's fun just to walk. See Town Map for more information.

The following parking lots are recommended.
・ Municipal forest parking lot 45 cars 500 yen / day (MC: 54 413 079 * 11)
・Municipal Matsumura Parking Lot 110 cars 500 yen/day (MC: 54 414 032 * 70) Far from the center of town.
・ Sakurai Kanseido Parking Lot 200 yen/hour (MC: 54 413 104 * 42) If you purchase a total of 2000 yen or more, it will be free for 2 hours.

About 40 minutes by car or 18km from Nagano City.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
2 hour 0 minutes
Parking fee
There is no free parking in the central area of Obuse Town.
Admission fee

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