Nishinomon Yoshinoya

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Nishinomon Yoshinoya is a shop that sells sake, miso, amazake, and plum wine directly from the brewery. It is not just a shop, but a complex tourist facility consisting of a sake brewery tour course and a shop. You can sample various products in the shop, so please try them when you go. Washoku or Japanese cuisine restaurant is annexed. After passing through a tunnel-like passage, you will find a shop. At the tasting corner, sake is lined up in a row, and you can sample all of them. If you can't drink alcohol, try non-alcoholic amazake. You can also drink miso soup. Shinshu miso is famous miso in Japan, so please try it. You can also tour the brewery without making a reservation. You can see the real manufacturing site.

Admission to the sake brewery is free, and if you enter from an old sake brewery built in the Meiji era with Cedar balls (Sakabayashi) hanging from the eaves, you can see the modern sake brewing equipment in the back.

Opening hours:
Shop: 8: 30-17: 30 (with an extension of the busy season)
Sake brewery tour course: 8: 30-17: 00
Open all year round.

Please note that it is strongly forbidden to drive after drinking alcohol. The driver should stay fully sober under any means. Be aware that in Japan it is the responsibility of the driver to remain sober and any passenger in the car, as well as the alcoholic beverage provider, will be held responsible if the driver is found to have drunk alcohol. Each member cited above is punishable by criminal penalties and sanctions. The Brewery will not serve you if you are the driver.

450m to Zenkoji Temple

About 1.8km from/to Nagano Station.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
30 minutes
Parking fee
If you shop for 1000 yen or more, you can park for free for 3 hours at the contracted parking lot, Official Daihongan parking (hyperlink).
Admission fee
Monthly Recommend Rate

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