Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

MAPCODE for car park : 19 632 049*68

This area has nicely retained its architecture of the old buildings and is a pleasant stroll along the river where you can get a short river cruise for 500 yen per person. It’s filled with souvenir and snack shops so there’s plenty to do. This townscape, known for the characteristically Japanese white walls of its residences and the willow trees lining the banks of the Kurashiki River, has earned recognition as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. The city has historical buildings, willow trees, stone bridges, and a canal system, and the colors of the changing leaves, which are beautiful, make visitors get a sense of Kurashiki life in the past. The present life is displayed by costumes, original storehouses seen as souvenirs, boutiques, cafes, sweets shops, and museums. As night falls and the streets light up, a calmer presence sets in for a somewhat different experience than the daytime.
The following are major tourist sites in Kurashiki:
-Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter Tourist Information Center "Kurashikikan", also known as Japan’s “Little Venice”, is a historical area comprising classical Japanese architecture with a few outside influences such as the Ohara Museum of Art, which looks like a Greek temple.
-Ohara Museum of Art, which is the first private art museum in Japan to display modern art. The museum displays a variety of works ranging from pieces by Shiko Munakata and other Japanese artists to older works of Asian and Egyptian art.
-Machiya "Ohashi Family Residence" is designated as an Important Cultural Property and the house is typical of the machiya (Japanese for "townhouse") of Kurashiki's wealthy merchants. There are tatami floored rooms with elegant sliding doors and hanging scrolls for entertaining guests as well as private quarters, storage rooms, and a kitchen.
-Kurashiki Ivy Square is a multi-purpose public space that was formerly a cotton mill. The picturesque, ivy-covered, red brick buildings house a cotton mill memorial museum, a studio offering pottery workshops, a hotel, and more.

--Parking Lot: Kurashiki Municipal Central Parking Lot (倉敷市営中央駐車場)
MC: 19 632 049*68
Fee: 100 yen for 30 minutes
Distance: Approximately 350 meters to Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
Note: 175 cars

If you are staying in Kurashiki, we recommend walking from the hotel.

About 5 minutes by car or 880m from / to Kurashiki Station.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
2 hour 0 minutes
Parking fee
100 yen/30 min
Admission fee
Monthly Recommend Rate

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