Korakuen Garden & Okayama Castle

MAPCODE for car park : 19 892 826*04

One of the three most gorgeous Japanese gardens. It’s located in the middle of a river which makes it very unique. Perfect location to shoot genuine traditional Japanese photos with a castle and the garden at the same time. The garden is vast with all sorts of landscapes. It’s just comforting to walk around for hours. If you’re visiting in summer, do not miss the lighting event during the nighttime! Not only is the scenery amazing but there are also many festive Japanese events going on. The castle is known as, Okayama Castle or the "crow castle" due to its black exterior, was built in 1597 in the style of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period. Inside the six-story castle, keep are exhibits relating to the history and development of the castle. There is a pottery studio where visitors can craft Bizen-yaki, a type of pottery local to Okayama Prefecture

--Parking Lot:
Okayama Korakuen Parking Lot (岡山後楽園駐車場)
MC: 19 892 826*04
Fee: 100 yen per hour
Distance: Approximately 300 meters to the front gate of Okayama Korakuen Garden
Note: 570 cars.
This is convenient if you only go to Okayama Korakuen Garden without going to Okayama Castle.

--Parking Lot:
Ujo Castle Park Parking Lot (烏城公園駐車場)
MC: 19 892 222*07
Fee: 300 yen for the first hour, 100 yen every 30 minutes thereafter Distance: 450 meters to Okayama Korakuen South Gate
Note 40 cars.
This parking lot is convenient if you go to Okayama Castle in addition to Okayama Korakuen Garden.

Since you are going to Himeji Castle on this day, we do not recommend visiting the inside of Okayama Castle.

Opening hours:
(End Mar-End Sep) 7: 30-18:00(Last entry is 17:45)
(Bgn Oct-Mid Mar) 8:00-17:00 (Last entry is 16:45)
Open all year round About 10 minutes by car or 2.5km from/to Okayama Station.

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Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
1 hour 30 minutes
Parking fee
depend on parking
Admission fee
Adults (15-64 years old) 410 yen 65 years old and over 140 yen
Monthly Recommend Rate

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