Matsue Castle

MAPCODE for car park : 163 501 408

Matsue Castle is one of the twelve original castles left in Japan. The castle grounds are filled with beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom in spring. It is very well preserved and a great place to visit if you are in Matsue. The stairs inside are quite steep and difficult to climb, so be ready for it if you planned to visit. The view from the top of the castle over the city and Lake Shinji is well worth the climb. There is a small museum near the castle named Matsue History Museum which provides traditional Japanese snacks at a low cost, which makes the visit even better!
There is also the Horikawa Sightseeing Boat, which cruises the moat around the castle in about 50 minutes. You can enjoy the historical town and the natural atmosphere that changes with the seasons. The boarding place is Otemon Hiroba Boarding Point.

--Parking Lot: Matsue Castle Otemae Parking Lot (松江城大手前駐車場)
Fee: Paid
Note: 67 cars

Cherry blossoms: End Mar-Mid Apr

Opening hours:
(Apr-Sep) 8:30-18:30
(Oct-Mar) 8:30-17:00

About 10 minutes by car or 2km from/to Matsue Station.
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Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
45 minutes
Parking fee
300 yen for 1 hour, 500 yen for 1-2 hours, 100 yen added every 30 minutes thereafter
Admission fee
Free - Admission into the castle Adult 680 yen Child 290 yen Foreigner 470 yen
Monthly Recommend Rate

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