Cape Hinomisaki

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Cape Hinomisaki is located at the western end of the Shimane Peninsula, and its coastline is rich in variety with beaches, cliffs, coves, and capes, and it is one of the representative tourist destinations of Shimane Prefecture where many large and small islands are scattered.
There is a lighthouse (Pin No.1 on the Town Map) named Hinomisaki Lighthouse which has been selected as one of the 100 World Lighthouses. Its height is the highest in Japan. This iconic guidepost towers 43 meters in height, 63 meters above sea level, and has been aiding maritime navigation since 1903. Visitors can climb the 163 steps to the lighthouse observatory and enjoy the vast view spreading around them.
There is a restaurant named Hanabusa (Pin No.2 on the Town Map) near the lighthouse. The sea urchin bowl is especially recommended, and the seafood bowl is also delicious.
There is also a shrine named Hinomisaki Shrine (Pin No.2 on the Town Map) about 700m south of the parking lot. There is a solemn atmosphere against the backdrop of the pine forest. You may be surprised to find a lot of black-tailed gulls by the sea on your way to the shrine.
The road from Inasa Beach to the Cape Hinomisaki is a wonderful landscape that passes over the cliffs and you can enjoy scenic driving.

Advice: Advice:
--Parking Lot: Hinomisaki Parking Lot
Fee: Free
Distance: Approximately 300 meters from the parking lot to the lighthouse.
Note: 214 cars

Opening hours: 9: 00-16: 30
Closed: December 30th-December 31st

About 1 hour and 10 minutes by car or 47km from/to Matsue City.
About 2 hours and 55 minutes by car or 195km from/to Hiroshima City (using the expressway).

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
30 minutes
Parking fee
Admission fee
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