Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine village

MAPCODE for car park : 599 144 182*37

“Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its cultural landscape” was registered as the World Heritage Site in 2007. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine was an active mine from the 16th to the 20th century. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Village developed alongside the mine and is home to a Magistrate's Office, old samurai residences, shrines, shops, and so on. Please refer to Town Map. First of all, please visit Kumagai Residence (No.1 pin on the Town Map). It is private housebuilding that best shows the changes in the lives of leading merchants around the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. Next, go to Kawashima Samurai House (No.2 pin). It clearly shows the features of the Ginzan official's mansion, such as the layout of the mansion and the floor plan of the main house. Gungendo (No.3 pin) is a cafe and shop with very nice atmosphere which uses a renovated old house. Cafe Jyuru (No.4 pin) is also a recommended cafe. Gohyakurakan (No.5 pin: 500 Buddha statues) should also stop by if you have time.
Ryugenji Mabu (No.6 pin) is one of the mine shafts that is open to the public. It takes about one hour on foot from the Omori bus stop or you can reach it in about 30 minutes if you rent a bicycle. It costs 700 yen (per 2 hours) to rent an electric bicycle. On the way, you can see beautiful scenery. The length of Ryugenji Mabu is about 600m. It takes time to get here, so I don't recommend going too much.

Advice: Advice:
--2nd Parking Lot: Parking lot in front of Omori Daikansho
MC: 599 144 182
Fee: Free
Note: 20 cars.

--1st Parking Lot: Iwami Ginzan Park Parking Lot
MC: 599 113 262
Fee: Free
Note: 40 cars.

--3ard Parking Lot: Cafe Jyuru Parking Lot
MC: 599 113 164
Fee: Free
Note: 20 cars. If you want to use this parking lot, please drop in at the cafe.

About 1hour and 30 minutes by car or 79km from/to Matsue City (using the expressway).
About 2 hours by car or 107km from/to Hiroshima City (using the expressway).

When heading to Hiroshima from here, if you specify " Roadside station Green Road Daiwa " (MC: 430 167 699 * 41) as a stopover, you can drive along the scenic Route 375 along the river.

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