Tottori Sand Dunes

MAPCODE for car park : 125 733 834*31

Tottori Sand Dune is one of the largest sand dunes in Japan, extending 16km east-west and 2.4km north-south, with a maximum height difference of about 90m, and is the most popular tourist spot in Tottori. The "sandhill", which is made up of the Chiyo River flowing out of the Chugoku Mountains and the sand carried by the wind over 100,000 years, is so magnificent that it is hard to say. One of the highlights is the "wind crest," "sand paddle," and "sand pillar" created by nature. The most recommended place is Umanose Dune (check the location of [1] on the Town map). The contrast of sand, sea, and blue sky is amazing. " Umanose "means horseback. It takes about 20min from the entrance.
There is a camel in the Tottori Sand Dunes, and you can take a walk on the back of the camel (the part marked with [2] on the Town map).
There are also plenty of activities such as paragliding and sandboarding, so you can feel nature with your whole body. In addition, the " Sand Museum ", which exhibits sand sculptures, is about 750m from the car park and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Advice: Advice:
--Parking Lot: Free car parking
MC: 125 733 834 * 31
Fee: Free
Distance: Approximately 100 meters to the Sand Dune entrance.
Note: There is a big paid parking lot on the sand dune side. If this free parking is full, please park at the paid parking. Please refer to the Town map.

The cost of camelback riding is 1,800 yen for one person and 3,000 yen for two people.

About 15 minutes by car or 9km from/to Tottori Station.

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Free parking available.
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