Hagi Castle Town

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In the castle town that extends from the outer moat of the former Hagi Castle, the town lines are divided in a grid pattern, and there are scattered houses such as merchant houses, intermediate samurai residences, and doctors' houses. Even now, the town line remains as it was, and it retains the remnants of the past. The beautiful streets of white walls, Namako walls, and blackboard walls continue, and the land of people related to the Meiji Restoration is scattered. We recommend that you take a walk with reference to the Town Map.
Kikuyake Residence (Pin No.1 on the Town Map): The Kikuya family was a wealthy merchant who supported the clan, and the mansion also served as a guesthouse to entertain the clan's guests. It belongs to the oldest existing large townhouse and has a history of 400 years.
Coto Coto (Pin No.2 of the Town Map): A 200-year-old Machiya gallery cafe with an outstanding atmosphere. Grilled curry is recommended.
Birthplace of Takasugi Shinsaku (Pin No.3 of the Town Map): The birthplace of Takasugi Shinsaku (1839-1867), an adventurous hero at the end of the Edo period. The southern half part is open to the public.

Please refer to the Old Hagi Castle Town Map. We notice that the land area of ​​each house is very different on the right and left sides of the map. It is clear that during the Edo period (1603-1868), a large mansion of a wealthy samurai surrounded Hagi Castle on the west side of the town, and a poor samurai mansion was on the east side. However, the great men after the Meiji Restoration were mostly poor samurai and peasants who lived in the east.

--Parking Lot: Central Park Parking Lot (中央公園駐車場)
Fee: 310 yen
Note: 36 cars

About 10 minutes by car or 4.2km from/to Hagi Station.

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