Tsuwano Old Town

MAPCODE for car park : 513 153 693*31

Tsuwano is called Little Kyoto in the Sanin region and is a beautiful hidden village in the calm mountains of western Shimane prefecture. Tonomachi Street in the center of the town is a very attractive place that retains the old appearance of the castle town era. And the moat that flows along the street reflects the green of the white walls and trees, and dozens of colorful carps such as red, white, gold, and black are swimming and it is really beautiful.

It is the center of tourism with many historical buildings such as the ruins of the Yorokan of the clan school, the ruins of the county office, the front gate of the Tsuwano clan's old Tako family, and the Catholic church.

Built-in 1931 by German Schaefer, this Gothic church stands out in the old streets of Tonomachi. Since it is an old church, the interior is tatami-matted and the colorful stained glass is beautiful. You can also tour the inside for free.

There are many Japanese sweets shops in Tsuwano that sell the famous Genji Maki (rolls), but the Genji Maki sold at this shop is delicious and recommended.

You can enjoy hearty handmade seasonal dishes and matcha while looking at the quiet Japanese garden at the site of the residence of one of the chief retainers of the Tsuwano Domain.

There are several paid parking lots, but we recommend the following parking lots.
--Parking Lot 1: Saranoki Parking (沙羅の木駐車場)
MC: 513 153 693
Fee: 500 yen (The parking fee will be refunded if you eat or shop at Shointei, Saranoki opposite the parking lot)
Distance: Approximately 150m to the center of Tonomachi Street.
Note: 20 cars. Please refer to the photo of the parking lot.
--Parking Lot 2: Tonomachi Parking (殿町駐車場)
MC: 513 153 570
Fee: 500 yen
Distance: Approximately 100m to the center of Tonomachi Street.
Note: Please refer to the photo for the parking lot.

It is about 500m from the parking lot to Taikodani Inari Shrine. If you go up the 263 steps from there, you will find the Senbon Torii. However, if you do not want to walk, it is safer to move by car.

Iris: Bgn Jun-Mid Jun
Autumn leaves: End Oct-Mid Nov

About 1 hour by car or 48km from/to Yamaguchi City.
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