Akiyoshido Limestone Cave

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Akiyoshido Limestone Cave is 100m underground of Akiyoshidai, one of the largest limestone caves in Japan that opens at the southern foot of it. Akiyoshido Cave Kurotani Entrance (黒谷口: Pin No.1 of the Town Map) is located 500m west of Akiyoshidai Karst Observatory in a straight line (2km along the way). The sightseeing course in the area is about 1km (total length exceeds 10.7km and is the second largest in Japan), the temperature is constant at 17 ℃ throughout the four seasons, and it is cool in summer and warm in winter, so you can enjoy sightseeing comfortably. The many natural sculptures are varied and inspire our hearts. Take a leisurely tour of the small path inside the cave and you'll arrive at the opposite doorway, the Akiyoshido Exit (秋芳洞口: Pin No.2 of the Town Map). There is a bright light shining into the cave. Take the exit and follow the narrow road lined with souvenir shops and restaurants for about 300m. The Visitor Center is on your right at the end. There is a taxi stand next to the Visitor Center building, so it is recommended that you take a taxi back to the Kurotani Entrance (Kurotaniguchi: Pin No. 1 on the Town Map). Of course, those who are willing to make a round trip in the cave can walk back to the Kurotani Entrance.

About 2km from / to Akiyoshidai Karst Observatory.
About 35 minutes by car or 30km from / to Hagi City.

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