Heart Rock & Soleiyu Farm

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Heart Rock is a heart-shaped tide pool that appears only at low tide on the Pacific coast between the airport and Naze Town. It has become a hot topic as a power spot for romance, and it is said that romance will come true if the pictures taken are used as the standby screen of a mobile phone. The path from the road to the beach is also overgrown with green vegetation and is a wonderful landscape. The beach area gained popularity as a "power spot" that gives off a kind of healing aura to visitors because of its elusive nature. The clear seawater, is said to have mystical energy that enhances the power of love. This rock is hidden underwater at a high tide and appears only during a low tide. If you have a chance to see this rock with your loved one, it would be a life-long memory for both of you.

Soleiyu Farm is a farm cafe that is popular for healthy seafood that considers beauty and health using the crops of its own farm. Fruity Spicy curries, smoothies, and goat milk soft serve ice cream are popular. On sunny days, lunch and breaks on the terrace are the best. In the park, you can come in contact with cute animals such as baby goats and rabbits, and it is a place that tourists with children can enjoy.

There is no official parking near Heart Rock. It's okay to park at Soleiyu Farm and walk to Heart Rock, but buy something at Soleiyu Farm. The distance from Soleiyu Farm to Heart Rock is 500 meters one way. You can also check the time of low tide at Soleiyu Farm. Please refer to ”the video on youtube” of walking from Soleiyu Farm to Heart Rock.

The best time to see the beautiful Heart Rock is one hour before and after the low tide when the tide level is 80 cm or less, and the waves are calm.

The rocky area near Heart Rock is very slippery, so please be careful of your feet when visiting.

Soleiyu Farm Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00 (varies depending on low tide time)
Open all year round.
Please note that the parking lot will also close at 18:00.

About 30 minutes by car or 20km from/to Nazeko Town in the center of Amami Oshima.
About 12 minutes by car or 10km from/to the Amami Airport.

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