Shitsu Catholic Church

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Average Staying Time
45 minutes
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Drive Route which include this spot

3D2N Routes

If you dispose of 3days and 2 nights, you can travel from Fukuoka to the northern part of Kyushu island. There are routes in which you can stay 2 nights consecutively in famous onsen town like Yufuin/Beppu or Takeo/Ureshino. If you wish to visit particular places it is also possible to stay in two different cities. If you would like to explore the westside of Kyushu, like Nagasaki, or the central region, like Kumamoto, it is better to opt for 4 Days and 3 Nights route or a longer one. If you would like to travel on the southern side of Kyushu, like Miyazaki and Kagoshima, please choose the 5 Days and 4 Nights route or a longer one.

Route numberStart cityGoal cityWayTravel PaceDistanceRankHighway feeDetail
707FukuokaFukuokareturn_tripnormal480 km¥ 0check

12D11N Routes

All the routes for 12 days and 11 nights offer a complete tour around Kyushu. The first one includes 2 consecutive nights in 4 cities and is recommended for travelers preferring a relaxing pace. Thanks to other routes, you can visit Kitakyushu/Shimonoseki, famous onsen towns such as Kirishima or Ibusuki sand-bath but with a more dynamic rhythm. Another route covers most of Kyushu island. Thanks to that extensive approach you will be able to visit and stay in every city listed previously, plus having a break by spending two nights in a row in Kagoshina. Once you travelled on this route you will become a genuine expert of Kyushu!

Route numberStart cityGoal cityWayTravel PaceDistanceRankHighway feeDetail
741FukuokaFukuokareturn_triprelaxing1,710 km¥ 11,550check

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