Ryotsu Port(Sado Kisen ferry terminal)
両津港 佐渡汽船フェリーターミナル

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Ryotsu Port Terminal is a ferry terminal that offers rides between Niigata Port and Ryotsu Port in Sado Island. The users have two options, a car ferry and a jetfoil for automobile free passengers. The timetable varies from month to month and is subject to change. Two large car ferries are in operation and can accommodate 1,500-1,750 passengers. The jetfoil accommodates 250 passengers.
Passengers enjoy the view of beautiful Sado Island and the mountains of Niigata from the ferries.

Advise -

Credit cards are accepted.

Prior reservations are possible and recommended.

The car ferry takes 2 hours 30 mins, jetfoil takes 65 mins to reach the port.
The car ferry fee for carring the car is expensive. It is recommended to use Nippon rent a car in Sado Island if you stay less than 3nights .

The large car ferry offers a comfortable journey with a food court, game room, kids playroom, nursing room, smoking room, pet space, Wi-Fi and an observation lounge. If there are strong sea waves, especially in winter, the car ferry and the jetfoil will be cancelled. Travellers are advised to check weather conditions prior to travelling.

For parking, please refer the town map.

Paid parking(Located in front of port)
MC:278 892 324*70
Free parking(300m away from port)
MC:278 893 182

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
30 minutes
Parking fee
Admission fee

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