Sado Gold Mine

MAPCODE for car park : 278 721 573*20

The Sado Gold Mine was the most productive gold mine that operated through the Edo and the Meiji period (1603-1912). This spot is one of the most visited and claimed to be the highest recommended spot on the Island. It is a blend of history , culture and strength. The history possessed by this spot is magnificent and has contributed greatly to the foundations of Sado Island. The mine's main attractions are the walking courses that lead through the mining tunnels, followed by a museum that display ancient artefacts and models about the operation of these mines. Both the mines are well maintained and hold helpful staff to navigate all tourist groups. The authorities have put emphasis on the history as well as the clean infrastructure. There are upto three guided courses an individual can choose from along with activities that involve lifting and tasting gold on soft ice. The Sado Gold mine engages the visitors in not only an interesting and educational experience but it also has robotic enactments that recreate the mining experience, making it more lifelike. With self explained, expressive displays and attractive diorama, this spot shouldn’t be missed.
Further, The Kitazawa Flotation Plant is located 2km west from here and is also a recommended spot that visitors often enjoy as it is a symbol in modern heritage.

Advice : It is recommended to carry a jacket since the mines are cold inside.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
1 hour 30 minutes
Parking fee
Admission fee
800 Yen
Monthly Recommend Rate

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