Roadside Station Iide
道の駅 いいで めざみの里観光いちご園

MAPCODE for car park : 515 674 707*45

Roadside Station Iide Mezami no Sato Kanko Strawberry Farm is a very large strawberry garden. Approximately 10,000 Tochiotome are cultivated in two houses. Tochiotome in Iide Town is said to be a ruby ​​berry brand and is characterized by its small size but condensed taste. The two spacious houses has high ceilings and since it uses an elevated bench, it can be picked up easily, which makes it easy for kids. You can enjoy freshly picked ripe strawberries with all-you-can-eat for 30 minutes.
Coat storage and hangers are always available, so you won't need to worry about luggage.

The parking lot at the roadside station is large, so be careful about where you park your car. Mezami no Sato Kanko Strawberry Farm is on west side of the roadside station, so it is convenient to park near it.

Opening hours: Mid-March-Mid-June 10: 00-15: 00 (Ends as soon as the red fruits are gone. You should call to see if it's okay before you go)
Closed: Wednesday

About 2 hours by car or 110km from Niigata City.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
15 minutes
Parking fee
Admission fee

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