Goshikinuma pond

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The colors of the Goshiki-numa Ponds also change throughout the year depending on weather and time of day, a truly mysterious phenomenon. The lakes have become a popular tourist destination. The five main lakes are Bishamon, Aka, Ao, Benten, and Midoro, and their colors range from lime green to deep turquoise to a topaz blue. A scenic walking route guides visitors around the ponds. At 3.6 km in length, this walking route - which will take you past many of the ethereal colors. It is said that the factors that cause the different colors are the weather, the season, the viewing angle, and the volcanic substances contained in the water. In spring after the thaw, the colors of the lakes are especially beautiful.

There are several parking lots on the west and east sides around Goshikinuma pond, but it is recommended to use the parking lot on the west side. The first choice is the Urabandai Bussankan parking lot, where the Tourist information center is located. If this parking lot is crowded, visitors can park in the Urabandai Lake Resort car park (free, MC: 413 533 661 * 74) across the road.
There is no route to go around all the ponds of Goshikinuma and return to the original parking lot without following the same road. Therefore, visitors must return to the parking lot on the road once taken. The fifth pond, Bentennuma, is a 45-minute round trip from the parking lot. Visitors want to conquer all ponds, but it is advisable to turn back at Bentennuma.
If you really want to go to Bishamonnuma, the easternmost part, please use the Restaurant Goshiki-numa parking lot (MC: 413 566 126 * 72).

For those who want to walk and enjoy the nature of Urabandai, Nakasenuma Pond Walking Tail is also recommended.

About 1 hour by car or 45km from Aizuwakamatsu City.

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