Roadside Station TsubameSanjo Regional Products Center
道の駅 燕三条地場センター

MAPCODE for car park : 58 832 556*66

TSUBAMESANJO Regional Products Center is a Roadside Station and it also has stores in it where you can buy regional products from. Tsubamesanjo boasts a global share in the production of Western tableware and hardware, and these high-quality products are known worldwide. You can buy the highest level products manufactured in Tsubamesanjo here. The roadside station is located in Sanjo City, which is famous for the production of Western tableware, and Sanjo City is famous for the production of cutlery. Tsubame tableware dates back to the Edo Period when the manufacturing of carpentry nails was developed to support the needs of local farmers. In the main product building, you can find around 10,000 different products lined up in a huge 925 square meter space. All of these being made at Tsubame Sanjo.


If you are interested in Tsubame Sanjo products, "SUWADA OPEN FACTORY" is recommended too.

Free Wi-Fi

The product hall is open

First Wed of every month
New Year holidays

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
45 minutes
Parking fee
Since it is a roadside station, there is ample parking space.
Admission fee

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