Teradomari Street Market (Sakana no Ameyoko)

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Teradomari Street Market (Sakana no Ameyoko) is a lovely fish market. Sakana means fish in Japanese. Ameyoko is a nationally famous shopping street in Tokyo that provides a variety of products at reasonable prices. So Sakana no Ameyoko means the place that people can buy fish at a very cheap price like Ameyoko in Tokyo. It is found along Route402 facing the Sea of Japan. There are 11 stores such as fresh fish stores and souvenir stores, and it is a treasure trove of fresh and cheap fish. The abundant fresh fish here from local and national sources is the pride of this market street. Here you can find a wide selection of seafood; from seasonal items like sweet shrimp, squid, Japanese amberjack, horse mackerel, and sea bream, to high-class selections like the famed crimson snow crab and black throat sea perch. At the market, you can try freshly broiled and roasted local seasonal fish as well as squid and scallops right there on the spot, and on the second floor, there is a canteen, a good spot to sit down and enjoy the famous beach grilled squid, scallops, and seasonal fish while being blown by the beach breeze.

Open all year round
8:30 -17:00

The entire market is open until 17:00, but many stores close earlier, so it's best to go for lunch instead of the evening.

About 20km from Tsubamesanjo Station and about 30 minutes by car

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
30 minutes
Parking fee
There is a large free parking lot on the sea side of the street.
Admission fee
Monthly Recommend Rate

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