Yuzawa Kogen

MAPCODE for car park : 253 081 445*08

Yuzawa Kogen has a strong image of a ski resort, but there are many spots to enjoy during the green season. Take the ropeway at Sanroku Station (foot of the mountain), which is very close to the hot spring town of Echigoyuzawa, and you will reach Sancho Station (summit of the mountain) in about 7 minutes. This ropeway is one of the largest in the world and can accommodate 166 people. At the summit, the station is the Kumo no Ueno Caf (wood deck terrace), which is lined with comfortable sofas. From the counter-type terrace seats, you can overlook the magnificent Tanigawa mountain range and the Uonuma plain. You can also enjoy crepes made from rice flour from Uonuma and draft beer limited to Niigata. The area around the summit is called Yuzawa Kogen Alp-no-sato (Yuzawa Highland Alpine Garden), and there is a paradise where 1,000 kinds of alpine plants and natural monuments live. Here, even families can easily experience the real nature and contact that only alpinists could experience.

It is recommended to wear comfortable footwear and dress according to the weather. If rainy, carry a raincoat.

Ropeway Opening hours - 8:40- 17:00 (0,20,40 mins each hour)

Summer open period: End Apr-Mid Nov
Open as a ski resort during the winter season.

The ropeway station at the foot of the mountain is located a 7-10 min walk from Echigoyuzawa Station.
Visitors can’t drive up.

Free parking available besides the ropeway platform.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
1 hour 30 minutes
Parking fee
Free parking available beside the ropeway platform.
Admission fee
Ropeway fee (round trip): Adults 2,200 yen, Children 1,100 yen
Monthly Recommend Rate

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