Shirone Grapes Garden

MAPCODE for car park : 32 575 450*00

Shirone Grapes Garden is an very popular tourist orchard amongst travellers from Singapore and Taiwan. Here, visitors can enjoy fruit picking all year round.
From January onwards till June, visitors can pick the Niigata brand strawberry, ‘Echigohime’.
The fruits at this farm are grown using low pesticides and carefully selected filtered water. There is also an all-you-can-eat corner with a picking and selling corner.
Visitors can enjoy the harvest while standing and is also recommended for all age groups.
In addition to the fruits, visitors can also see animals like goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. There are many activities offered at this facility like barbecue and pizza making experience.
The gelato served is made from natural and fresh ingredients and is also famous amongst visitors.

Advice :
Located 15km from Niigata station, about 30 mins by car.

Opening hours -
10:00-18:00 (winter period 10:00-17:00)
Closed - January 1st

Fruit picking season-
Strawberry picking: Jan-Jun
Cherry hunting: Jun-Jul
Blueberry hunting: Jun-Aug
Grape picking: Jul-Nov
Peach picking: Aug
Fig picking: Aug-Nov
Pear picking: Sep-Oct
Tangerine: Dec

Fee for All-you-can-eat strawberry (30 mins)
Elementary school students and above 1,650 Yen
4 years and over 1,450 Yen
3 years old 550 Yen
*inclusive of all taxes

Fee for All-you-can-eat cherries (30 mins)
Elementary school students and above 2,000 Yen
4 years and over 1,800 Yen
3 years old 1,000 Yen
*inclusive of all taxes

Admission is free.

Free parking is available.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
45 minutes
Parking fee
Free parking available.
Admission fee
Monthly Recommend Rate

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