Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari

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Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari is the best aquarium in Niigata and one of the very few places in Japan where beluga whales and a great number of Magellanic penguins can be seen.
The bright and stimulating vision of this place is "We would like to tell the long history of the sea and people, and as a place for people to interact with aquatic creatures and people, we would like to tell a new story for the future with all the people involved in this aquarium. "
Umigatari is a vast space suitable for all age groups. The staff is well informed and friendly and is housed with various accessible guides.
Umigatari is composed of three zones; "Monogatari (Story)", "Sea of ​​Japan Terrace" "Umigatari Large Water Tank" "Umigatari Tube" "Dolphin Stadium" "Magellanic Penguin Museum" "Friend Pool”.
Visitors can observe and learn about the Magellanic penguins from an area that reproduces the wild environment in overwhelming proximity, which boasts the largest number of breeding penguins in Japan. The view is an absolute splendor with dolphins against the backdrop of the Sea of Japan.
One of the major highlights is also where visitors are allowed to roam freely in the area where the penguins and the birds are kept. The visitors walk through this area where there is no glass separating them. On the 2nd and 3rd floors, visitors can see the giant Umigatari water tank that contains over 38,000 fish and 50 species from the Sea of Japan.
The other highlights in the aquarium include the 360-degree tube that passes through the giant water tank, video projection shows, and outdoor touching and feeding pools.

Opening hours -
9:00-19:00 June to Aug
9:00-18:00 Sept to Oct
9:00-17:00 other months
Saturday, Sunday are holidays.

Free parking available.
1st parking lot is at the side of the building, 2nd parking lot at the southeast side of the building, 3rd parking lot at the west side of the building. The first parking lot is preferentially used by people with disabilities or pregnant women. The general public is requested to use the 2nd and 3rd parking lots.

Admission fee-
1,800 Yen 18 years and over
1,100 Yen high school students
900 Yen elementary and junior high school students
500 Yen 4 years old, infants
1,500 Yen senior (65 years and over)

Re-entry is possible if the ticket is stamped for re-entry at the admission. To re-enter, visitors are required to enter from the entrance and present their tickets with the re-entry stamp. Re-entry is possible numerous times on the same day. Visitors can also re-enter if they return to the aquarium after dining at the restaurant.

Located 70km Nagano city, about 1 hour 20mins by car.
Located 130km Niigata city, about 1 hour 50mins by car.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
1 hour 30 minutes
Parking fee
Free parking available.
Admission fee
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