Cafe Winds&Banana Winds
Cafe Winds&Banana Winds

MAPCODE for car park : 190 004 151*55

Cafe Winds & Banana Winds is a famous cafe that is indispensable for Seaside Drive in Niigata. This cafe has a rich menu of seafood curries and pasta, oyster dishes, and handmade sweets that you can enjoy all year round. And it is in a great location overlooking the sea from every seat. The cheerful staff with a constant smile is also attractive. They are proud to offer a unique hybrid of casual eats and fine cuisine inspired by Italian, Spanish, and Japanese fisherman's specialties. The specialty "Japan's No. 1 Crab Pasta" is a rich tomato cream pasta made with luxurious snow crab. The atmosphere that changes depending on the time of day, dusk, and night are unique to the seaside. Banana Winds has a more elegant ambiance, it's a perfect spot for romantic dinners and special occasions. Enjoy delicious food in beautiful surroundings. After a full meal, it's the Winds style to spend a relaxing time in the sea breeze. It looks like an amusement park with an observatory, a swing full of exhilaration, and a recently completed slide overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan. Since it is built on a hill by the sea, you can enjoy the wonderful sunset.

Opening hours: 11:00-21:30(LO21:00)
Closed: Tuesday / Dec31

Please refer to the following site for the timing of sunset.

About 55 minutes by car or 40km from/to Niigata City.
About 2 hours and 30 minutes by car or 150km from/to Nagano City.

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Free parking available.
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