Nippon Rent a Car Niigata Station Shinkansen Exit
ニッポンレンタカー新潟新幹線口 営業所

MAPCODE for car park : 32 847 745*24

There are two branches near Niigata Station. If you stay southside(Shinkansen-Exit(新幹線口)) of Niigata station, this branch is recommended. It is located 200m away from Niigata Station.

If you stay northside of Niigata station, Nippon Rent a Car Niigata Bantai-ニッポンレンタカー新潟万代営業所 is recommended.

If you return your car before your Shinkansen, it is recommended to return your car 1 hours 30min before departure.

Opening Hours
Average Staying Time
15 minutes
Parking fee
Admission fee

Drive Route which include this spot

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Sorry, we provide our service for Kyushu and Okinawa only. Other areas are under development.