Travel without concessions or limits.

Renting a car and driveing by yourself are the best way to travel Japan!

You may have an impression that public transportation like train in Japan is very accurate and convenient. It is true for big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. You can visit anywhere by public transportation.
However, the situation in rural area is totally different. Most of public transportation are very poor and inconvenient.
This is the reason why most of Japanese choose driving when we travel rural area of Japan. At the point of this time, only 5% of foreign tourist choose rental car to travel. But about half of Japanese use car when they travel rural area.

Good point.1
You are free from fixed transportation schedule!

Public transportation in county-side is totally different from big cities.If you miss a train or bus, you need to wait for the next one for a long time.If you join a coach tour, the schedule is fixed and you always worry about time limit to go back to the coach.
If you drive by yourself, you can control your schedules like toilet, lunch and sightseeing.

Good point.2
You can travel anywhere!

70% of Japan is mountain area. It is twice higher than world average and there are many places where are located in inconvenient area.

・Sightseeing spots located in very remote area.
Takachiho Gorge in Kyushu
UNESCO world heritage “Shiretoko” in Hokkaido

・Sightseeing spots that has no public transportation access
Mt.Kiro observatory in Shikoku
Naitai Highland Farm in Hokkaido

If you drive by yourself, you can travel sightseeing spots where it's difficult to visit by public transportation.

Good point.3
No need to worry about your luggage!

Luggages are one of the most troubling aspect of travel. Although it is shortdistance, walking with big luggages is tiring and time consuming.Additionally, your luggage will be bigger due to souveniors.At the big station, number of coin lockers are in lack and many tourlists are in trouble.

If you drive by yourself,You can just load all of your luggage and souveniors to cargo space of your car!

Good point.4
Rental car is cheaper than public transportation!

If you travel rural area, normally travel distance become longer than city and cost for transportation become more expensive. You need to pay a lot of cost for JR-Pass or Bullet train ticket if you are traveling in a big group.

If you drive by yourself, car rental will be more economical way to travel rural area!

Good point.5
Let's enjoy local restaurants!

Sometimes, nice restaurants in the countryside are located in inconvenient places.

If you join a coach tour, you are brought to restaurants which have a big car park.
If you drive by yourself, you can enjoy small cozy restaurants which are popular among local Japanese.

Good point.6
Driving in foreign country is extremely interesting.

Travel by car freely in foreign country itself is like an adventure! Especially in country side, you can feel crisp, fresh air in forests, mountain and seaside.It will be one of highlights of your travel.

Additionally, Japan is very easy to drive. Of cause they follow traffic rules and their driving moral is also good. It may be more easy to drive in Japan than you country. Drive Japan will let you know Japanese traffic rules and tips as well.

Rental car is the best way to travel Japan !

However, you must have many question about self-drive travel.
We 'Drive Japan' solve all the probrems about planning and provide all required information about self-driving.

Many country people can drive in Japan with international driving licence and it is easy to get.